Psychological and Financial Planning

Dealing with family conflict can be exhausting.  If you are having significant family conflict it is wise to hope for the best but also to prepare for the worst.  Many clients consult about their options long before taking legal action in order to insure that all other options are considered.  If reconciliation is possible there are many able therapists that can help with reconciliation.

If divorce is necessary then care must be taken in how to break the news to the other spouse.  The options depend on the needs of the other spouse.  Sometimes using a therapist can reduce the impact. If there are personal problems such as addiction then there are other steps to be considered before filing so the problem can be addressed (and not obscured) by the divorce.  

Since each of us is unique we will each deal with a divorce differently.  Each party has both differing ways and differing rates of digesting emotional difficulty.  Many conflicts result simply because the party who is most prepared for the divorce cannot wait for the other party who has not been able to psychologically digest the reality of divorce.  Handling the situation  well may mean giving the other spouse time to adapt to the circumstances instead of pushing them to make decisions that they are not emotionally prepared to make.  The psychological divorce also provides you an opportunity to more deeply meet yourself as a person and a parent.  The goal is to leave this process with greater clarity and insight into yourself  and your family dynamics so you can better manage future challenges.

Divorce creates substantial economic pressures.  Both sides must often learn to live on less as there will be two households instead of one.   If you  find yourself struggling with making your budget or accounting for costs then we have staff and outside professionals who can help lighten the load. This is your case but you need not do all the background work.

The significant family changes that happen during separation or divorce can create new and more complex demands on estate planning for family members. There are many devices from which we can choose to achieve the best path in estate planning. These include powers of attorney, trusts, wills, gifts, and other agreements.

Making informed decisions requires an understanding of the financial position of the estate, the status of the benefactor and beneficiaries, and the current laws governing estate issues. Added factors include things like developmentally disabled children, rights of survivorship and medical powers of attorney. Coordination between the attorney and expert accountants, along with family members, beneficiaries and at times, attorneys of other parties, requires not only experience, but a willingness to listen and cooperate.