Our standard hourly rate is $300/hr for legal representation, and $250/hr. for mediation, parental coordination or case management. Paralegal work is billed at  $90/hr. Invoices are sent out monthly. We accept VISA and Mastercard. We welcome any questions on billings.

“My case began badly. A SWAT team came to my house convinced that I had abducted my children and that I had no legal rights to them. They had a writ of Habeas Corpus from the Court. There was no marriage certificate in Washington as we were married in an Islamic wedding overseas. I had no custody papers and their mother secured a divorce from her country (without notice to me) declaring I was not the father and that I had no rights.

I hired John and he quickly negotiated a delay with the Sheriff so the kids would not be taken until after the emergency hearing. On very short notice,  John put together careful and convincing pleadings. If the children were taken I would never see them again as I had no rights in their mother’s country. We were worried sick but John used their own arrogance against them and the judge threw out the Habeas Corpus Writ.

Then jurisdiction was challenged to move the case overseas. We won the first hearing, then the reconsideration and then the appeal. At trial I was given primary custody of the boys and their mother was given supervised access. Without John my children would be long gone.”

— Client C E