JohnKydd_webJohn W. Kydd

John Kydd has practiced family law for his entire career.

John received a Master’s Degree in Social Work from the University of Washington and his law degree from Seattle University School of Law. John began his Seattle practice with Halverson and Strong, then at Strong and Kydd, then at Helsell Fetterman before founding his own practice in 2003.

“As an MSW, I am interested in combining advocacy with insight to enhance my  client’s capacity to deal with their spouse and to help them find a better path for their future. I’ve long been interested in helping children and their parents recover from trauma. This work led me to work with practitioners worldwide, as well as with the World Health Organization and the UN allowing me to ‘bring home’ new ideas to my work here.”

John is a past president of the Association of Family and Conciliation Courts and a recipient of the Seattle King County Bar Association’s President’s Award and co-author  of the book Divorce in Washington: A Humane Approach.  His other interests include gardening,  hiking, biking, cooking,  research, and writing.

“I was referred to John by someone I trust.  My husband was a mess: alcohol, drugs, psycho behavior, not being there for the kids and, of course, blaming me for everything when I was doing all the work and paying the mortgage.  I was sick, angry, stressed to the max and I just wanted him gone…outta my life. I was all set to take the kids to Greenland and telecommute.  I felt like I’d go round the bend if I had to deal with him.

His counsel filed a motion to get the kids  and tried to do a huge hatchet job on me saying I was unfit.  John kept his cool, got me to cool down, focused on the facts and not the fight and the outcome was great.  Not only that, he did not torpedo my ex but got him into court ordered treatment and supervised visits and after a few years he turned around and cleaned himself up.

I don’t think we will ever get along but the boys benefit from their dad and he benefits from having them and my job as a mom has gone from impossible to possible.  My kids are doing much better now that their father is functional and in their lives.”

— Client H P